Escape from Vancouver

“I’m sorry Jeff. ¬†We can’t leave yet.”

“What?! Do you see what is happening? The building collapsed on her!”

“She’s alive Jeff. I’m arranging pick up now.”

“You have got to be kidding me. Alright. What do we do?”

“She’s being placed on floating debris. We’ll pick her up north where the currents will take her. I need you to focus on flying. Stay low to the water. I recommend a glancing collision or two with buildings to cover the ship with debris to reduce reflectivity. I will be focusing on the cyber warfare suites and monitoring her health.”

“How are you going to monitor her health while she’s floating in the Straight of Georgia?”

“There is a quantum entanglement communicator in her. I have access.”

“What?! Does she know this? Has she been a puppet all this time?”

“No, Jeff. I cannot go into more detail at this time. Stay low and try to match the debris motion in the water. I have turned off non-essential systems to reduce heat emissions. We have approximately two hours to maintain stealth until rendezvous in the Straight.”

“I’ll let Ashley and James know to prep for recovery.”

“Thank you Jeff.”